Lisa French
Front End Engineer

Hello. I am a Front End Engineer based in Nashville, TN.


HTML, CSS, Mockup Conversion

Practice in converting a mock-up image to a website. This project was independently and fully hand-coded in HTML and CSS, without using any frameworks or generators.

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A growing collection of my hand-coded solutions to several simple JavaScript exercises.

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CLI, Python, Twitter API

Nashville Ladies' Hack Day project to learn more about the Command Line Interface (CLI), Python, and the Twitter API. This Twitter bot was built for fun and to make people smile. It searches Twitter for instances of "coding is hard," then replies with a response to encourage people in programming studies. The Twitter account and voice is from the viewpoint of my cat, Hampton, who loves to lay on my side (or sometimes all over my latop) and watch my screen as I code.

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Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MVC, ZURB Foundation

Hack Nashville (48-hour hackathon) project: a web app built to calculate that fine line between automation and wating time. This project provided experience on interfacing with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, learning Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, and pair programming. I was 100% responsible for the front-end design and code. I used ZURB Foundation for the first time to create a fast prototype and complete the project by the 48-hour deadline.

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Bootstrap, jQuery

Personal portfolio site, using Bootstrap and jQuery. Also, practice in implementing web design trends of flat and minimal design, cover photos with text overlay, and a one-page layout site.

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REST API Creation, Backbone, Node, MongoDB, Heroku is an ongoing passion project. It is an effort to connect groups focused on encouraging girls and women in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). This site is to serve as a searchable index and growing database for these organizations. While working on this project to create a RESTful API, I am gaining skills with Backbone.js, Node.js, MongoDB, and Heroku deployment.

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About Me

I come from a well-rounded business background with eight years in marketing, office management, and customer service; five years in social media; two years in senior living and healthcare. In December 2012, I decided I wanted to grow in my tech skills by learning to program. To that end, I completed an intensive, front-end coding bootcamp at Nashville Software School, which jump-started my development career. During this time, I became an expert in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Version Control with Git, and the Command Line Interface. I also gained exposure to WordPress, PHP, API usage and creation, Backbone.js, Node.js, and MongoDB.

Since graduating Nashville Software School, I’ve been working full-time as a Front End Engineer.

Team collaboration is my approach to continued learning and sharing my knowledge with others, which is why being active in the Nashville tech community is important to me. I’ve volunteered with BarCamp and PodCamp since 2011, and served as PodCamp chair in 2012. I’m also a founder of Nashville Women Programmers and volunteer with Nashville Girl Geek Dinner.

Me, speaking at Techville 2013

Ladies Hack Day from Skillcrush on Vimeo.

(That's me in the pink!)

I love to attend Hackathons. In my first hackathon at HackNashville in May 2013, I gained exposure to MVC Architecture and Ruby on Rails, while also leading my team start-to-finish (and assisting other teams) with front-end design and JavaScript. The weekend after that, I was back at it, volunteering at Nashville Ladies’ Hack Day. The event was a smashing success, with over 75 attendees who got a started down a path of learning to code or trying a new language, like JavaScript or Python. The Skillcrush crew from NYC also participated and produced an excellent video recap which can be seen to the left here. (That’s me in the pink!)

Public speaking is another area in which I am growing my skills and sharing knowledge as I learn to program. Recently, I got to speak (and open for Nashville Mayor, Karl Dean!) at The Nashville Technology Council’s Techville event on how the Nashville Women’s STEAM group was formed and lessons we learned in that process. I also spoke on Coding for Creative Types at PodCamp Nashville 2013.

But enough talking about me. Please take a look at my portfolio above, which links to code samples on GitHub. I love meeting new people in the development field, so please feel free to get in contact via the networks below.

Me with Nashville Mayor Karl Dean at Techville 2013.

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